“Smart” pirelli tires improve car handling and increase safety

Ferrari and Pirelli began testing intellectual tires, which should help in improving the dynamic characteristics of cars, handling and increasing traffic safety.

In every quarter of the tire circumference, small sensors the size of a coin are integrated. In real time, they receive information about the clutch of wheels with the roadbed, as well as about the forces acting at the moment. In addition, the state of rubber is evaluated.

The collected data is sent to the onboard computer, which, after their analysis, can give the command to change the operating modes of certain systems — Say, active suspension, power control unit, anti -lock system (ABS), course stability systems, etc. For example, during the passage of turns, the angle of collapse of the wheels can change to ensure maximum adhesion to the road. And when driving on slippery coating, brake work can be optimized.

For testing «smart» The tires selected hybrid supercari Ferrari FXX K based on Laferrari model. The power plant uniting the V12 engine and an electric motor provides a power of 1050 horsepower, while the torque reaches 900 N·m.

It is assumed that high -tech Pirelli tires will become available to customers of supercars over the next five years.


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