Almost 100 developer teams registered in the Mantle beta program from AMD

One way or another, but together with the official announcement of the Catalyst Omega AMD driver shared some of her achievements in the distribution of the API. The manufacturer of Radeon accelerators said that nearly 100 PC-IGR developers are already involved in the beta program of Mantle. Publicly reported the support of the standard of more than 10 developers. 4 game engines are already officially supported by Mantle: Frostbite 3, Cryengine, Nitrous, Asura (it is also worth adding a recent announcement of the standard support in the Panta-Rhei engine).

Among the Mantle games that have already been released in the near future, Battlefield 4, Battlefield: Hardline, Thief, Star Citizen, Sid Meier can be listed’S Civilization: Beyond Earth, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Sniper Elite 3. In total, it has been released or prepared for the exit of more than 20 projects. In addition, it has recently been known that the following versions of the popular PCMark and 3DMark from FUTUREMARK will also make Mantle support along with DirectX 12.

AMD also announced the new version of the open technology of Tressfx Hair 3 hair simulation.0 (we saw the first version in the restart of Tomb Raider), which has acquired support for realistic visualization of the wool and new rendering opportunities for optimal scale. Interested developers can get libraries, source codes for reading and visualization of files in Tressfx format. Create and change files in this format can be supplemented by supplement to Maya.

Finally, AMD actively supports the open general calculation standard for GPU, APU and CPU — Opencl. The company fully supported the OpenCl 2 standard.0 and released a set of tools of the developer Opencl 2.0 SDK.



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