“Smart” cubes Sifteo Cubits (2 photos)

Children’s toys are becoming more and more advanced in technology. Obviously, soon the assortment of toys for young geeks will be replenished with another interesting novelty – smart cubes Sifteo Cubits. Developers promise to realize a fundamentally new vision of games in their brainchild. Each cube is an independent element that can interact with other elements and respond to the movements of the child. New items are equipped with bright 1.5-inch screens, motion sensors, sensors for the definition of “neighbors”, as well as wireless modules. By collecting, grouping and rebuilding cubes in different order, you can play in a wide variety of games, including puzzles, simple educational games for children and more complex games that seem interesting for adults. Cubes “come to life” as soon as the player gets them out of the box and begins to move. A significant argument in favor of Sifteo Cubits seems to be the fact that, unlike traditional consoles, new toys will not rivet the eyes of children to the screen for long hours, and will not lead to long loads on their fingers and wrists. You can play with Sifteo Cubits both alone and paired with someone else, or even in the team. The estimated cost of smart cubes will be $ 149.

Source: Ubergizmo

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