Almost all microtransactions in the game CS: GO are used to launder money

Valve said that she is forced to disable one of the most important services of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in order to counter fraud. We are talking about direct exchange and trading of keys to Lutboxes (closed boxes with a random intra -game reward -. Ed. between players that are carried out without control by the company. The new patch of October 28 blocks this possibility.

Valve admit that the victim of a global problem became the victim – according to the results of the investigation, the company said that “almost all significant microtransactions in CS: Go are currently the purpose of laundering of money for real criminals”. This was practiced earlier, but now the situation has become critical, and therefore it is easier to turn off the service at all than to try to put things in order there.

Lutboxes themselves and the keys to them will remain in the game, gamers will still be able to purchase them at Steam and receive the due awards. The ability to transfer the keys and lutboxes between the players is disabled. Experts believe that this will not solve the problem – Valve only relieves itself responsibility for fraud with one specific gaming project. But dozens of other, no less popular games remain on the Web, where microtransactions using real money are also used in the interests of scammers.


Source &#8212 Vice

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