Almost 200 thousand. Mazda CX-7 crossovers are recalled due to steering problems

The Mazda Automobile Producer is forced to initiate another response campaign: this time problems are detected in CX-7 crossovers.

It is reported that on the recalled machines there is a possibility of water entering the ball joint of the front suspension. If the car was exploited in the winter season on the roads treated with saline mixture, water entering the hinge will cause corrosion. Over time, this may result in the loss of steering.

In total, more than 190 thousand are subject to review. Mazda CX-7 crossovers made from February 2006 to May 2012. The difficulty lies in the fact that so far the service centers are not ready to carry out repairs due to the lack of the necessary spare parts. As soon as the deliveries of the required parts are established, dealers will begin to serve customers.

We add that not so long ago, Mazda initiated a large -scale response campaign in connection with Takata production cushions. This program affects almost 2 million cars around the world. And at the end of 2015, 4.9 million Mazda cars were recalled due to faulty ignition locks.


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