Almost perfect fake iPhone 4 (8 photos)

The editors of the French portal Nowhere Else acquired a replica of the iPhone 4 of such a quality that you begin to seriously be afraid for the welfare of your friends and friends. Of course, there are differences. And to us, users of the original iPhone with experience, it will be easy to identify the “Chinese” by only one display, which has a gray color in the turn off. But pay attention to the connector: this is the same port 30-Pin, and yes, it is compatible back with the original Apple cables. However, the problem here is not only in high accuracy of copying the exterior. The Chinese version of iOS is very similar to the real. Such copies of the iPhone are unlikely to boast of the availability of a productive processor and certainly will not connect to the App Store, but for quick sale to random passers -by, these clones will fit 100%.

Gallery: almost the perfect fake iPhone 4 (8 photos)

Source: Nowhereelse via iPhones

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