“Smart” soldier’s tokens will help control the situation on the battlefield

The new wearable device Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) will help the US Army command to monitor important information about personnel in the midst of the battle and, above all, its physical condition in real time.

MDO-development of the NEXTFLEX scientific and production consortium (California). This is a flexible and very compact wearable electronic device, easily integrated into clothes, including army uniforms.

The gadget collects data on what is happening on the battlefield, in particular about explosions and shots. For example, having received such information from several soldiers, AI with the help of triangulation can calculate the position from where the enemy is firing.

Wearing monitor

MDO, through radio frequency communication, interacts with wearable built -in sensors, fixing the most important indicators of life – stress, burns/frostbite, fatigue, information about the environment. At the same time, MDO is a smart set that monitors the state of health of the soldier in automatic mode.

For example, with an increase in temperature and problems with breathing at once, the commander may reasonably suggest a chemical or bacteriological infection at once, and when information about a high level of stress, it is possible to replace the unit in the war zone for new.

Source &#8212 Popular Mechanics

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