Almost domestic “swallow” is represented by “Ural locomotives”

The Ural Lokomotiv, which is part of the STM structure, announced the construction of the first sample of the Lastochka class electric train with the ES104-001 model number, in which Russian equipment, components and materials are used to the maximum of about 90 %.

The public train will be demonstrated as part of the Innoprom event, which will begin its work in Yekaterinburg on July 10. At the same exhibition, a demonstration of an updated and redesigned mask and the general concept of a domestic “swallow” will be held at the same exhibition.

Earlier, a photo of the salon of the new “swallow” (which was supposed to get the name “East” – approx. Ed. – large windows, detailed information display, comfortable seats, trimmed with special fabric, manual shelves, additional racks for placing large luggage, toilets and even urns for garbage located at the door.

The manufacturer promises that the new “swallows” take into account “all the requests of modern people” by the level of comfort-there are USB ports for recharging smartphones and gadgets, an updated warning system, fastening for passenger bicycles or self-scats, as well as a carriage carriage of a cafe.

And outwardly, the “train” differs from previous models of visually larger sizes and an elongated nose, vertically installed headlights, large windows that have rounded angles. The composition can take up to 1400 passengers, and its maximum speed reaches 160 km/h.

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