Alpha is the world’s first commercial electricbike for hydrogen fuel cells

Pragma Industries introduced an electric bike Alpha, having an electric engine with

Source of energy in the form of hydrogen. The power plant is based on the Pedelec fuel element of its own. The project was created as a universal response to modern requests in the field of “eco -mobility” and rational use of energy.

The version of Alpha 2.0 without false modesty is positioned as a “murderer of electric shoes”. Simply put, surpasses similar cars with lithium-ion batteries in operational characteristics. Despite the fact that this unit itself is equipped with exactly the same battery for 150 VTh – the difference is that the energy supply in it is replenished from the hydrogen fuel element, and not from the power outlet of the mains.

At one gas station (2 liters of compressed hydrogen), he drives 100 km against 50 km at an electricbele with a 360 -entry battery. And the process of replenishment of energy lasts 2 minutes instead of 3-4 hours for purely electric systems. The ceiling of speed, however, is only 25 km/h, but there is no problem of quick discharge of the battery in the cold – the energy is stored in the form of compressed gas.

But where to get hydrogen? The school of physics says that a sufficiently pure water and electricity to start the hydrolysis process. Therefore, in the Pragma Industries, together with Atawey, a simple gas station was designed – it can refuel Alpha tanks, as long as there is a connection to the water supply and the power supply. And no emissions into the atmosphere. The smallest is left, to find investors and establish the production of new items on an industrial scale.

Source &#8212 Pragma

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