Alpen released a capsule for storing basecamp bicycles

Alpen took into account the wishes of customers and released a new version of the autonomous storage capsule, which will fit a bicycle of almost any size. In particular, wide -sized mountain models, electric bikes of all types and trucks. The principle of action has not changed – the bicycle is placed in a chamber made of molded polyethylene, covered with a lid that closes to the castle.

However, in the BaseCamp version there are many innovations, in addition to increasing the size of the internal chamber to 216x81x141 cm. The castle is now not mechanical, but electronic, with activation via Bluetooth and unlocking through an application for a smartphone. You can configure the circle of persons who can open it at a given time to ride. This solution is also suitable for organizing the bicycle rental service in hard -to -reach places where it is unprofitable to build a stationary garage.

A hatch appeared in the capsule for connecting the bicycle accumulators to the external

Source of energy during storage. Anti -stroke emphasis for the rear wheel, Hiplok Ankr fasteners for reliable fixation of the bicycle, hooks for different small items, helmets and bags have been added. The capsule is not afraid of any precipitation or ultraviolet radiation.

The price of the new version of Basecamp $ 2399, the previous Classic is for sale for $ 1799.

Alpen Basecamp

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