Alphabet Project Loon unfolded LTE Shar in Puerto Rico

Project Loon — A long-standing project designed to expand the Internet cover over hard-to-reach areas using balloons launched into the air with special equipment moved over the territory through the use of air flows. Previously, it was more a research project, but, as practice shows, it can already be useful now. The last example — The deployment of Alphabet by its LTE-shaws Project Loon over Puerto Rico.

Alastair Westgart project, the project, said on the blog that his team is working with the US Federal Communications Commission, with the aviation authorities, the US Federal Emergency Agency and other organizations in order to deploy mobile communications over those sections of the island that still suffer fromthe consequences of a hurricane «Maria».

LOON official partner in deploying LTE — Cell operator AT&T. It helps to use the Helium balloons fleet in the stratosphere to ensure the operation of at least the simplest functions like metabolic interchange and limited web surfing on smartphones in Puerto Rico equipped with LTE support.

Mr. WestGart thanked AT&T and the authorities, thanks to which everything managed to do quite quickly — The Project Loon connection has never been deployed from scratch in such a short time. Balls are carried out from Nevada. The technology has been used in some regions since 2013, and was once used to temporarily restore communication infrastructure in Peru, which suffered from flood in May last year. But still the example of Puerto Rico demonstrates the fastest and most mass deployment.


  • The Verge

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