Already 130,000 people have taken pictures of their eyes for the sake of obtaining the cryptocurrency Worldcoin

Chile became the place of the greatest attraction of the supporters of the Worldcoin project – local enthusiasts have established work so that more than 10,000 individual eyes of the residents of this country have already been collected. For this in the near future, approximately already at the beginning of 2022, all these people will receive a reward in the new cryptocurrency. Provided that the project will work as planned, because the founders themselves admit that “its result is not defined”.

At first glance, Worldcoin is just another cryptocurrency on the technical base of the Ethereum blockchain – not supported and no value. And even not yet neglected, which did not prevent its creators from getting $ 25 million investments. The fact is that Worldcoin is positioned as a kind of analogue of the unconditional basic income, which has many supporters among investors and advanced figures – they contribute to the rapid development of the project.

Worldcoin Iris Scanner

Today, the founders of the project are manufactured and placed on four continents of 30 sphere scanners of the eyes, hundreds will be completed before the end of the year, and then the stream will be launched in 4000 devices per month. This is necessary to cover at least 1 billion people, making cryptocurrency really mass. However, the scan of the eyes is not converted into tokens directly, it is just a kind of registration in the system. It is planned to create 10 billion of Worldcoin tokens, of which 80 % will be distributed to participants, another 10 % will receive investors, and the rest will go to the needs of the company.

The founders of Worldcoin claim that they do not store pictures of the eyes of people, they are needed only to generate a unique code, after which they are removed. The code itself is also like temporary, it is needed only to observe order at the stage of distribution of the first tokens. In any case, Alex Blania, co -founder of Worldcoin, directly stated that neither the scan nor the code would allow to establish the personality of a person, they can be associated with other accounts among blockchains. And this gives rise to many questions of relative how Worldcoin actually works.

Source &#8212 Arstechnica

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