“Smart” trolley from a supermarket with Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft demonstrated a prototype of a trolley from a supermarket equipped with a branded interactive controller Kinect, thanks to which an intellectual system will help the buyer in the shopping process. Although it would be more correct to say with the functionality proposed by the developers that it fully manages the purchase process, and a person can only extend his hand and put the right product in the basket.

With the help of Kinect and a number of other sensors, the system determines which goods the buyer puts in the basket and checks if there are these goods in the purchase list. Moreover, she checks them for the presence of ingredients that may violate the established diet. If the buyer imprudibly puts the goods that are missing in the purchase list, he immediately receives a voice notification that there was an error.

Another undoubted advantage of the cart is that it is equipped with a motor. And in the presence of kinect, this means that it independently follows its owner. Thus, the buyer really remains only to transfer the necessary goods from the shelves of the supermarket to the basket, the cart is not even required to push the cart. And finally, it is noted that this is not just an abstract prototype, as part of a pilot project, such carts will appear in supermarkets of the American network of Whole Foods and its Texas partner Chaotic Moon.


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