Amanitor will lead Nubia in Civilization VI

The unique ability of this nation is called «Ta-networks». Thanks to it, mines on strategic resources give an increase in production, and in rare — To gold, while the pyramids produce faith glasses, receive bonuses from neighboring areas, or give food if they border the city center. Also at the expense «Ta-networks» Nubia receives an increase in the production of long -range units. At the same time, all warriors of this type accumulate experience faster.

A special combat unit of this nation will be «Archers-cultivate». These units are stronger and faster than the standard archers replaced by them, as well as in the future can be improved to crossbowkers. According to the developers, they are extremely useful at the initial stages of the game.

Like the leaders of other civilizations, the amanator will have its unique ability — «Kandakia from Meroe». It gives an increase in production during the construction of all areas. This bonus is increasing if there is a Nubian pyramid next to the city center.

Since many Nubia abilities, aimed at increasing production, are tied to masonry technologies, it should be studied first of all and build a Nubian pyramid as soon as possible to accelerate the emergence of areas.

The release date of the addition with which Nubia will appear in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, is still unknown. It is noted that the future DLC will offer a new script «The gifts of the Nile», where users have to choose nubia or Egypt and fight for full control over the Nile. Civilization wins, the first to build seven churches of Amon in 125 moves.



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