Amateur mechanic did not wait and built Tesla Cyberquad with his own hands

After a promising presentation last year, the next brainchild of Ilona Mask, a two -seater ATS Tesla Cyberquad, was not quite understandable pause. And some enthusiasts did not wait for the launch of the spectacular Cyberquad into production, and took the matter in their hands.

Two of them, amateur mechanic Rich Benois and his colleague Stephen Salovski rolled up their sleeves and created their own version of Cyberquad based on the old Yamaha Raptor 700 Starscream. The building cost them a little more than 10,000 dollars.


The first thing the inventors began – replacing the standard gasoline engine with an electric motorcycle engine. Then they solved a more complex problem, installing a large capacity battery in the Yamaha frame.

“Homemade” has an external resemblance to the prototype from Tesla – in particular, a characteristic body made in the style of origami. The weight of the electric circuit is 225 kg. Its maximum speed is 164 km/h. True, according to experts, Starscream still needs a winch to overcome a truly serious off-road.

Source &#8212 Rich Rebuild

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