Amateur Starcraft Bot won the Facebook bot at a special tournament

Facebook bot called Cherrypi took the sixth of 28 seats at the tournament. At the same time, the tournament, in which amateurs send their programmed players to fight on the strategy fields from Blizzard Entertainment, has been held from the end of the zero years. A team of eight people worked on Cherrypi.

The winner is called ZZKBOT, it was created by a single programmer. However, the organizers of the event suggest that soon such amateur bots will yield to artificial intelligence developed by large technological companies.

Botes leaders of this tournament study on the actions of their opponents. However, Facebook and Google, which is also engaged in the creation of AI player for Starcraft, want to actively use the capabilities of machine learning. The approach of these companies is strikingly different from the actions of amateur programmers: they «Feed» artificial intelligence hundreds of records of matches and thus develop strategies for various situations. True, it is worth noting that Cherrypi did not work on the basis of machine learning.

But single programmers should not give up: in August Google and Blizzard Entertainment opened access to a special environment for artificial intelligence research.


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