Amazon began to offer a stream 4K video as part of Prime Instant Video

Among the materials available in the Ultra HD resolution, there are TV shows «Alfa-Dom» And «Obvious» from Amazon itself, as well as «Dark child» From the Canadian BBC. Among the films of Sony Pictures in 4K resolution, tapes are now offered: «After Earth», «Scam in American», «Captain Filips», «A steeping tiger hidden dragon» And «End of the world 2013: Apocalypse in Hollywood».

To view materials in Ultra HD format, of course, a 4K support display is necessary. Amazon offers on its website various models of TVs, Samsung and Sony. All of them are available without any additional costs and costs from users. The appearance of additional materials in 4K is also promised. First of all, we are talking about series «Red oaks» And «The right hand of God» and others from Amazon Original. The upcoming pilot episodes of the company, which can be deployed to full -fledged seasons, will also be shown in Ultra HD.

Amazon step to provide users of UHD materials makes the company one of the first providers of paid multimedia materials that went to this step (except for the limited launch of Netflix, as well as some traditional providers in the United States like DirectV). In addition to streaming in 4K for Prime subscribers, Amazon also began selling Sony Pictures in 4K for $ 20.



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