“Smart” patch will help control the pain with a smartphone

Millions of athletes and patients with arthritis widely use special disposable medical plasters to relieve joint pain and muscles. Engineers of the University of Science and Technologies King Abdullach from Saudi Arabia, headed by Muhammad Mustaf Khussein, developed a flexible “smart” patch with a function of temperature control through a smartphone.

The idea of its creation occurred to Muhammad Hussein two years ago, when he drew attention to how his mother used a chemical patch during an arthritis attack. He decided to create an inexpensive, convenient in operation of a wearable device based on copper. The main problem that arose to the researchers is the creation of elastic connections between the elements of the device was successfully solved. The compounds stretched by 20-25 % of their original state.

As a result, an original device was born in the form of a fractal pattern from the repeated intricate figures, which make up a continuous non -overweight line. Such a configuration makes it possible to stretch by 800 % compared to the original size.

The creators of the smart planes expect that the novelty will replace 4.2 billion over time. disposable chemical plasters that are used annually in the world to relieve pain.Related articles:Designed artificial leather, sensitive to touch

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