Amazon CEO will produce reusable Cape rockets on Cape Canaveral

Amazon Director General Jeff Bezos, whose company Blue Origin successfully experienced its first New Shepard spacecraft, announced plans to start creating a new, more powerful missile. Its launch is planned to be made from the 36th US Air Force on Cape Canaveral from the launch complex. Initially, it is scheduled to invest in the arrangement of the 36 launch complex and $ 200 million infrastructure.

Hinting at the possible opening of the missile production plant, Bezos said: «We will not just launch from here (from the starting complex 36). We will build here». At first, the rocket will deliver satellites to orbit, then people. Bezos does not exclude its flight into space in the future. Jeff Bezos hopes the first launch of the rocket at the end of this decade.

The Newrase Suborbital Shipard spacecraft created by Blue Origin is supposed to be used for tourist flights to space for those who want to experience a feeling of weightlessness for 10 minutes and get new impressions. Its capacity — three persons.

The new missile of the company promises to be large enough to achieve a near -Earth orbit, and quite capable of competing Falcon 9 missiles Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) Elon Mask. Instead of the BE-3 engine used in the New Shepard, the BE-4 will be installed in the new missile, which Blue Origin develops together with United Launch Alliance.


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