Amazon announced a number of new Kindle devices

During the past event, the Amazon online store presented several new devices at once, which recently was discussed in various leaks and rumors.

The first step was presented by the 6-inch Kindle Electronic Book with the new Paperwhite screen technology, which provides a 62% permit in previous Kindle compared to the Pearl screens (pixels density 212 DPI — Obviously, the resolution is 1024×768), which is improved by 25% contrast, by 15% increased speed update and, most importantly, built -in LED screen lighting. The last function provides parity with the new Barnes book & Noble Nook Simple Touch, which has a similar Glowlight lighting technology.

The device is equipped with a X-ray content analysis system, like Kindle Touch, lighting intensity controls and the possibility of changing fonts. Thanks to the use of the touch screen and the absence of physical buttons, the device received a thinner frame and weight of about 210 g. Kindle Touch is thinner than the magazine and easier for the book in the soft cover. The battery can provide autonomous work for two months (without backlighting).

Kindle Paperwhite access for ordering from today, but shipment to customers will begin only on October 1. The version of the Wi-Fi module will cost $ 120, and the 3G support option — $ 180. It is not clear whether special amazon proposals will be distributed to each of these models? At the same time, the store said that the easiest Kindle book of the previous generation now costs $ 70.

After that, a new 7-inch Kindle Fire was presented, which received a 44% faster 2-core platform doubled to 1 GB volume of RAM and increased battery life. Despite all these improvements, the cost of the device was reduced by $ 40 — Now Kindle Fire is sold at a price of $ 160. Orders for the tablet can be issued now, and deliveries will begin on September 14.

As expected, the company introduced the Kindle Fire HD tablet, which received a 8.9-inch screen with a huge resolution of 1920×1200 and an improved touch layer, passing more light and 25% reducing reflections. The 45-nm tablet is equipped with a two-core Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 (Cortex A9) with a frequency of 1.8 GHz and the Imagination Technologies Powervr SGX54 graphic kernel. According to Amazon, the performance of this platform exceeds Nvidia Tegra 3. The established amount of memory is 16 GB or more — depending on the model.

Kindle Fire HD is equipped with stereodinics for the album mode and the front chamber for communication, MIMO technology and a two-band Wi-Fi 802 module.11n (2.4 and 5 GHz). Among the communications, Bluetooth and HDMI output are also present. The weight of the device — 560 g with housing thickness 8.8 mm. Amazon assures that Wi-Fi in her new tablet is 41% faster than in iPad 3.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9 cost starts at $ 300. Also, customers will have access to a more expensive version of the tablet for $ 500, which will receive 4G LTE support and 32 GB of internal memory. Both versions will go on sale on November 20. American buyers of the most expensive Kindle Fire HD model will be available a value worth only $ 50 per year, in which they will receive 20 GB of cloud space, free 4G traffic from AT&T within 250 MB per month and a $ 10 card for purchases in the Application store.

The company also announced the 7-inch tablet Kindle Fire HD with 16 GB of memory on board at a price of $ 200. In relation to the platform, the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI and the front chamber, the capabilities of this version will not differ from the older Kindle Fire HD model. I would like to hope that the screen resolution will be 1280×800, not 1024×600, like the usual 7 “version of Kindle Fire.

Amazon launched the Whispersync service, which allows you to keep progress in games and audiobooks in the cloud. Optical developers have prepared optimized applications for Kindle Fire HD 8.9, including new Facebook applications And Skype.



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