Amazon closes the historical site Alexa

Amazon has announced plans to stop subscriptions to the services of the Alexa analytical from May 1, 2022. The current subscriptions will continue to work, but not for long – in the near future this once fundamental project will be awaited by full and deserved oblivion. The Internet has changed too much in 25 years, and old tools no longer benefit.

To avoid confusion – ALEXA website.COM has nothing to do with the voice assistant Alexa. All right, on the contrary, Amazon in 1999 bought an already developed and demanded site alexa for $ 250, which was named after the Alexandrian library. Bezos and his team liked the idea, as well as the possibilities of the site, so in the future, when creating a virtual voice assistant, this name was inherited by this name.

Site Alexa.COM was launched in 1996, and was conceived as a platform for webmasters and bloggers. He offered different traffic analysis tools, in particular, a very popular Alexa Traffic Rank service. ALEXA ratings.COM were a kind of quality sign that helped to develop business on the Internet a lot. However, in recent years, his attendance has been constantly falling, and it was time to send this veteran to retire.

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