Amazon does not exclude the possibility of launching its own Clothing lines

Amazon emphasizes that buyers want to see the leading fashion marks in the company’s online store. However, some manufacturers of clothing, shoes and accessories for one reason or another refuse to cooperate with Amazon, as a result of which they arise in the assortment «Voids». It is their plan to fill out the Internet giant, starting the production of clothes under his own brand.

To go into any other details relative to the new project in Amazon did not. But it’s no secret that Amazon is now and then experimenting with new directions for itself. One of the most striking examples of recent times was the Fire Phone smartphone project, which, alas, did not live up to expectations.

How successful the idea of the release of clothes under the Amazon brand will be, is not yet clear. The company, however, is not afraid to take risks. The head of Amazon Jeff Bezos previously said the following about this: «In I made billions of dollars of unsuccessful investments. Actually billions… But companies that are not ready to accept failures and continue to experiment, sooner or later find themselves in a hopeless position, when it remains only to make a desperate attempt to save the situation».


  • Buzzfeed

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