NASA allocated 67 million. dollars for the development of an ion electric motor

NASA experts are convinced that without advanced technologies, the development of long -range cosmos is impossible. A significant step in this direction was a contract worth 67 million. dollars with Aerojet Rocketdyne, which will develop motor systems for moving asteroids and implementing Martian missions.

The allocated funds will go to the creation of a solar electric power plant based on ionic drives and Hall engines, which have much greater efficiency compared to now used chemical power plants.

Installation will convert solar energy into electrical. In turn, electricity will go to ionization and acceleration of rocket fuel to create traction.

Ion engine

The engine will consist of the traction part, the electricity adjustment unit, xenon flow regulator and electrical wiring system. NASA experts have already developed and tested an experimental ion engine and an electricity adjustment unit that the Aerojet Rocketdyne can use as a prototype.

In the process of the contract, the company must develop, check and manufacture four electric motor installations, which will be installed on existing space aircraft.

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