Amazon has acquired a service for reading and implementing the digital comics Comixology

Comixology was created in 2007. At first, the Comixology website delivered information for the comic book lovers of new releases and provided services for placing preliminary orders for new comics supplied by specialized stores.

Comixology is currently the most popular among non -gaming applications for the iPad tablet for last year. In 2013. Comixology has launched a service for the works published by the authors at their own expense — The tactics used by Amazon for the Kindle platform. It should be noted that Amazon previously showed interest in the comic book market.

The Comixology service offers for owners of devices on Android, iOS and Windows about 40 thousand comics and graphic novels. Comixology Digital Reader and store were launched in July 2009, the IOS application version was released in April 2010.

«We have long admired the enthusiasm, which allowed Comixology to change the ways of buying and reading comics and graphic short stories,— The Vice President of Amazon for the acquisition of content and digital publications David Naggar said.— We plan to invest in business and increase the team in order to jointly provide readers with even more comics and graphic novels».

The representative of Comixology, in turn, assured that the company’s brand will be saved, and applications can be used in the long run to read and purchase digital comics.


  • The Verge

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