Amazon Go: Supermarket without cashiers and queues

Amazon introduced the concept of a supermarket of the future, fully delivered from cash terminals and queues associated with payment of purchases.

The new platform is called Amazon Go. The idea is to automatically track the actions of visitors in the trading floor, controlling which goods they take from the shelves or put it back.

To make purchases to the visitor at the entrance to the supermarket, it will be enough to scan a special code in the Amazon GO application on a smartphone. After this, the advanced system of computer vision with the algorithms of deep machine learning will enter into business.

Analyzing the actions of customers, as well as information from numerous sensors installed in trading halls and on racks, the computer system will be able to form an exact list of goods taken by each visitor. If the user puts any product back to the shelf, it will automatically «Crossed out» From the virtual basket.

After the shopping is completed, the visitor can safely leave the supermarket without caring for payment: the money will automatically write off from the account associated with the Amazon GO application.

Currently, the new system is testing with Amazon employees. The supermarket of the future offers ready -made foods, in particular, light snacks.

The first Amazon Go store is expected to swear the door in early 2017, it will be located in Seattle. If the concept is successful, similar supermarkets will appear in other cities. Below you can watch a video with a demonstration of the concept:


  • Forbes

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