Amazon has become award developers of popular skills alexa

The authors of the applications began to come a letter that explains how the program works. An example of a letter can be seen below.



Amazon congratulates the author of the application that his skill has become one of the most popular. Then she writes that she offers remuneration in the form of payments, the volume of which depends on the frequency of using the skill.

Amazon’s page and answers page confirms the details of the program. But it does not say how exactly the company expects the amounts that it pays to the developers. Amazon was limited to an explanation that payment can be calculated on the basis of a number of parameters: for example, how many minutes the skill is used and how many new customers it attracted.

The full launch of the program will take place this month. Developers whose skills are good enough to participate in the program will receive notifications by mail.

«I’m not sure how many people [letters] received, but I know that at least some got, — Kevin Marshall said, Technical Director of Veritonic, which developed the skill of Math Mania. — No one revealed its amount, so it is not clear how large my payment is $ 133.84».

The more developers join the program, the easier it will be to find out how exactly Amazon calculates payments.

Initially, the company will award only developers of game skills, but in the future the program will most likely begin to apply to other categories.


  • Techcrunch

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