Amazon Head Jeff Bezos received an episodic role in the new “start”

Producer Jay Abrams (J.J. Abrams) and director Justin Lin in a recent interview confirmed that he would really appear in the picture in the form of one of the aliens. Mr. Lin said that on the day of filming, the founder of Blue Origin appeared on the set of decent protection and patiently waited for the team to remove it in the only small episode in which his character was present.

«He was amazing. It is like a visit by the president, you know. U him was Big Svita! But This doesn’t matter, That’s why What He seriously Treated To participation. He had to wait almost all day, because on this day we shot three different scenes. But he must give him his due: he was chained to the process and is ready to act at any time», — The director noted.

Mr. Bezos has repeatedly admitted an interview about his passion for «Star path», And also said that children’s dreams of space led him to the foundation of their own space company Blue Origin.

«I was a little with him and saw his nine guards and three limousines. It was really significant. I did not know who it was. I didn’t even know. But he understood that, obviously, someone is very important», — Chris Pine, who plays in the new film by Captain James Kirk, shared his impressions.


  • The Hollywood Reporter

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