Amazon is ready to pay everyone for $ 10 for pictures of their palms

A year ago, the first stores of the Amazon One network received special palms, but because of their small number, this service was not in demand. However, now the account of such retail outlets went to dozens, and Amazon launched an advertising campaign that calls for buyers to enter data about their palms into the system. For this even relies a reward – a $ 10 coupon for purchases in a store.

Pattering of a palm is a type of testing of human biometric data. According to Amazon representatives, they have developed a technology that takes into account the geometry of the palm, texture and lines pattern on the skin surface, as well as the vein pattern under it. All this becomes a personal profile of the buyer, which can and should be tied to your account.

Officially, Amazon’s interest is that this method expands the possibilities of contactless purchase payment. To confirm the consent to write off the money from the account, it will be possible not to attach a smartphone, but your palm. That is, it will be possible to engage in shopping at all without gadgets – the main thing is to keep your hands clean.

Critics note that Amazon is always streamlistic answers questions about the use of personal data of its users. Formally, nothing new and anxious happens, because the company already knows what and at what volumes you buy, at what time and at what points of the city. He knows your preferences, financial capabilities, and much from lifestyle, which uses for commercial purposes. Little recognition is unlikely to change something, especially since this information can be removed from your account at any time.

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