Amazon launches autonomous delivery of goods with six -wheeled drones

The desire of the world’s largest Amazon trading Internet platform to autonomous supplies is well known. The excitement around the Prime Air service, which intends to deliver parcels with goods by air using drones played an important role in this.

But this is in the near future. And today in the capital of the United States, the company has begun testing of Scout robots using autonomous navigation for the delivery of goods to the customer.

Scout has six wheels, it has a large cooler size and moves at the speed of a pedestrian. According to Amazon representatives, the robot courier should be on the route on its own, carefully walks around pets, passers-by and other counter-obstacles.

Six such drones will begin to deliver parcels in the district of Snow -Khomish, Washington, from Monday to Friday in daylight hours. Despite the autonomy, the first time of robots-scourges will be accompanied by Amazon employees.

Source &#8212 Amazon

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