Amazon is preparing to launch a system of unmanned robotaxi zoox

The rapidly growing family of electric transport modules was replenished with an autonomous capsule-zoox capsule from Amazon Zoox. ZOOX is a former American startup engaged in the development of Bestrothelnik car, at the beginning of this year it was acquired by Amazon.

Robotaxi ZOOX is a very compact (the distance between the front and rear wheels is only 3.63 m) is a bicenture (equally moves forward and backward) electric traction designed for the urban environment.

Robotaxi ZOOX

The electric car is equipped with four seats facing inward, a new airbag system, specially adapted to double -controlled vehicles. Since this is a completely autonomous car, he has no steering wheel.

Power source-133-kilowatt battery, designed for 16 hours of continuous operation. Robotaxi autonomous riding is provided by the system that includes cameras, radar and Lidar. ZOOH can accelerate to 120 km/h.
So far, nothing has been reported where and when Zoox begins to make the first passenger flights. This will become known after the end of test tests, which are now taking place in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Foster City.

Robotaxi ZOOX

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