Amazon is working on a new virtual reality platform

According to Amazon, it will be a certain platform that will be able to work about the same as its competitors. Netflix already has its own virtual reality application for the Gear VR helmet from Samsung, and Hulu plans to release a similar application and the first content for it this spring. At the moment, the Netflix application is intended to view 2D content, however, Chris Jaffe, vice president of the Innovation company, hinted at the appearance of 360-degree films in the future support.

Judging by the vacancies Amazon, it is also aimed at a full 3D. «The future will not be limited to passive 2D-polls», — The company writes. «The virtual reality team will explore and create a platform and interface for a deep presentation of narratives». In the future, the Amazon service will quite plug up the products from Netflix and Hulu, however, taking into account the high cost of creating a 360-degree video and the popularity of traditional two-dimensional content, it will most likely have to wait for this for a long time.


  • The Verge

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