Amazon launches “Shazam for clothes” based on artificial intelligence

Amazon is deservedly among the world leaders in the field of online trade. However, in his “list” there is another uninitiated niche – fashion. To penetrate this profitable market, the company has developed a new tool based on artificial intelligence – Stylesnap, which will help in buying suitable clothing.

Stylessnap is almost Shazam for clothes built into the Amazon mobile application. It is enough for users to take a picture and upload an image, and Stylesnap using machine learning technologies will offer similar products from the Amazon assortment.

But before achieving success, Amazon will have to deal with serious competitors —In particular, with the giant of online trading by ASOS clothing. The launch of Stylesnap is evidence that Amazon is determined to become one of the main players in the field of fashion, and makes this a bet on its experience in the field of AI.

Source &#8212 Stylesnap

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