Amazon patents an electronic feather for working with digital and printed text

This can hardly be called a triumphal return, but with the advent of mobile computers of the Galaxy Note class, stylus entered the Renaissance phase. Therefore, the interest of major players in these accessories is completely explained, Amazon has submitted two patent applications for the intellectual input device (Kindle Pen?), and «Computer methods» work with this tool. An electronic feather can read, write, search, print and send explanations and marks on digital (electronic books or computer screen) and printed materials by email.

Using this device, the user can introduce a handwritten text, which in real time is perceived by the system and transformed into digital content, it can also be schemes and drawings in general. The uniqueness of the patented gadget is that in the same way the user of the device can introduce executable commands that are perceived by the system and immediately launched. The second patent concerns the authorization procedure when working with an electronic pen, this means that several people can work on one project, each of whom has such a device. Hints regarding the format in which the serial product will be released until there is no. This feather can become either an accessory for a corporate tablet computer or e -book, or an independent device.



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