“Smart” under -barrel grenade will determine the moment of undermining

The assortment of “smart” ammunition does not cease to replenish. Arsenal Picatinny specialists (New Jersey) are working on creating a complex Sagm (SMALL ARMS Grenade Munitions), the main element of which is a 40-mm grenade equipped with a special fuse that provides its undermining in flight. A fighter armed with any American 40-mm under-barrel grenade launcher can take advantage of the new ammunition.

The main goal of the developers is to create ammunition, which will hit the enemy in the shelter, for example, behind the wall. In this case, the usual grenade will either not fly, or, conversely, will fall too far. To solve this problem, a “smart” electronic fuse was developed.

Sagm grenadeSagm grenade

The fuse receives all the necessary information about the environment, obstacles and enemy from sensors and logical scan devices. After appropriate processing, it determines the moment of undermining.

HM25 grenade launcher

SAGM grenade is designed for 3 shooting modes. In the first case, the undermining occurs above the shelter of the enemy, in the second – with a direct hit on the target and in the third – with self -destruction. Especially for firing at hidden targets, a KhM25 grenade laser with a laser range finder is developed. After the exact determination of the distance to the target, he programs the moment of undermining ammunition in the air.

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