Amazon offers Kindle and accessories at a 40% discount Amazon owners.COM REVARDS VISA Card

It seems that the Internet company Amazon has already begun preparations for the presentation of new Kindle E-Reinter models, and possibly a smartphone under its own brand. Its new action is clearly aimed at thorough clearing of warehouses from existing products. On the Amazon website there was a proposal to purchase Kindle e-sisers and various accessories from the specified list with a 40% discount. Only Amazon card owners can take advantage of the proposal.COM REVARDS VISA Card. Moreover, the promo code, which gives the right to purchase at a discount, is allocated only once for each client. In addition, Amazon warns that the proposal is limited.

Within the framework of the action, you can purchase only one of the two models of the Kindle ENTERAL price level. The Special Offers version with advertising support, the cost of which is $ 79, can be purchased for $ 47 as part of the promotion, and a reader without support for $ 109, the owner of the Amazon card owner.COM REVARDS VISA Card will cost $ 65.



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