Amazon published the source code of the Kindle Fire operating system

Amazon has opened the source code of the platform, which is controlled by the new Kindle Fire tablet. From now on, enthusiasts will be able to modify the tablet in accordance with their own preferences. Kindle Fire works on a modified Android 2.2 Gingerbread. Actually, it is no longer possible to call this version of Android – it has undergone serious changes, new libraries, drivers and API appeared in the code. I must say, not everything is openly – most of the sources remain closed.

Nevertheless, even what has already been presented is enough to develop modifications, graphic interfaces and user ROM. Interestingly, full access to the device, the so -called Root, was received on November 16. There have already been reports of launching third -party programs, such as Google Maps and Gmail.

It is worth noting that Amazon previously practiced the opening of the source code of its products. There are sources in the public domain for many devices of the Kindle family, for example, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Wi-Fi Kindle Touch and Kindle DX. The sources under Kindle Fire were presented the day before the release of the source code Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is possible that craftsmen will be able to create firmware on the basis of Android 4 for Kindle Fire.0.

The first tablet PC Amazon is a device with a seven-inch touch screen, a 2-core processor of 1 GHz, RAM 256 MB and a 8 GB drive drive. Judging by the results of polls conducted among tablet users, Kindle Fire is practically not inferior to the iPad. The price is completely out of competition – the tablet costs $ 199, that is, no more expensive than the average smartphone.


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