Amazon patents noise -handing headphones who know your name

City residents already have the opportunity to save themselves from the extra noise surrounding them in everyday life. To do this, you will need headphones with an active noise reduction system that are quite effective, but have one significant drawback: they suppress any external sounds, including the appeal of others to the user.

The new Amazon patent describes the intellectual noise suppression system in headphones, which is deprived of such a drawback. The system is able to recognize and exclude the specified words from filtering. For example, you can program the device for phrases in which your name is present.

The fact is that, unlike passive noise reduction (in other words, sound insulation), the devices of active noise suppression completely protect a person from unnecessary sounds, generating an inverted audio signal. Since such processing is carried out in digital form, nothing prevents the addition of incoming sounds and determine when the given word sounds.

So far, the company is still planning to produce products on this patent, but many users already want to purchase such a noise protection system.

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