Amazon tablet will go on sale in November with a price of $ 250

The tablet of the Internet company Amazon, which has been the subject of various rumors for a long time, is quite real. This was announced by the observer of the TechCrunch blog Siegler. The other day he was given the opportunity to make sure that the device exists in fact. According to Siegler, he was demonstrated by a prototype of the novelty, which leaves no doubt that Amazon is really preparing to debut in a new tablet segment for himself.

According to the journalist, the tablet was called Amazon Kindle. It will appear on sale in November this year with a price of about $ 250. The device is equipped with 7” touch screen screen. Unlike the iPad, which supports the 10-tits, the screen of the Amazon Kindle tablet can only react to the simultaneous touch of two fingers. There is no doubt that this difference reflects the desire of the creators of the novelty to reduce its cost as much as possible.

Siegler also said that Amazon Kindle is running the operating room android 2.2, which has undergone significant changes. It does not have the usual Android applications installed by default, and there is no access to the Android Market application store, in the other way, Amazon AppStore for Android Content is proposed.


  • Techcrunch

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