Amazon told about use in Kiva robots warehouses

From the start of the sales season, the Internet company has a noticeably increased work. On the eve of the Amazon Cyberpopolnate, she spoke in the video about the use of robots to accelerate loading and delivery operations on the example of one of her warehouses. This is a ninth -generation warehouse. To accelerate the delivery of goods, it uses KIVA robots manufactured by Kiva Systems acquired by Amazon for $ 775 million in 2012. Amazon has ten similar warehouses. About 15 thousand robots Kiva are involved in them. And in total, the Internet company has 109 warehouse centers around the world.

To move goods in the warehouses of the company, giant Robo-stow manipulators are used. And the latest video and computer systems allow us to strengthen the control of warehouse operations and accelerate the execution of the necessary documentation.

Cyberponel is the most stressed day for Amazon. According to the company, last year on Monday, after the day of thanks, orders were processed for 36.8 million items of goods.

This year, the competition in the online trade market has significantly intensified. First of all, they increased the activity of Google and Ebay, but many retailers have expanded the spectrum of online services. Despite this, Amazon expects in the fourth quarter from $ 27.3 billion to $ 30.3 billion income, which is 18 % more than the same period in 2013., but less forecast for Wall Street analysts.



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