Amazon tried to buy Netflix in the late 90s for $ 12 million

The book claims that Amazon Executive Director Jim Bezos was originally met with Netflix founders Red Hastings and Mark Randolph (Marc Randolph) to discuss partnership agreements between two companies. However, after Mr. Hastings made it clear to Jim Bezos that they could be interested in buying someone from the outside, the head of Amazon decided to make an offer. Unfortunately, he stooped — Reed Hastings reports that he was not at all impressed with $ 12-Mln by an offer from Amazon.

Amazon has since denied that she made such applications. Is this due to a simple desire to distance himself from discussing the missed opportunities that billions of dollars could bring today — It is not quite clear. However, being the owner of Lovefilm, Amazon has since presented her own streaming video service as one of the components of the Amazon Prime proposal.



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