Amazon revealed the release date of the first episode Minecraft: Story Mode

The box version of the project will include a disc with the first episode, as well as the code for the loading of the remaining four episodes after they are available. In addition, all chapters can be purchased in digital format. Amazon is offered for $ 30.

Minecraft: Story Mode was presented to the public at the Minecon festival, which was held in London from July 4 to 5 this year. In the same place, the Telltale Games studio shared the details of the project and showed his debut trailer. According to the plot, the main character Jesse and his friends will go on a journey through Nether, Farlands, End and even more distant lands to find the legendary Order of Stone and Four Travelers who won the dragon. It is noted that history will develop in accordance with the decisions made by the user as it passes, as in previous games from Telltale Games.


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