Amazon will release the biographical series of electronic books “Amazon Lives” for the sale of other retailers

Refusal of cooperation can hardly be considered a friendly gesture. Therefore, no one was surprised by the decision of the two largest American Barnes retailers & Noble and Books-a-Million, which refused last month from the implementation of the printed books of Amazon Publishing until they are given the right to sell their digital versions.

A big surprise for competitors of the Internet giant was the message about Amazon’s plans for the release of a series of electronic books of the biographical genre, the right to implement which will be granted to all those who wish to retailers. James Atlas also participates in this project, who previously headed the independent publishing house Atlas & Co. The series is called «Amazon Lives». According to The New York Times, each of the books contains 25-40 thousand words, and the Atlas will edit at least twelve of them. The first book of this series will be released in June 2013.



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