Ambulance doctors in Japan begin to use AR-windows when transporting patients

Thanks to the development of technology, the possibilities of augmented reality are constantly expanding. Currently, Japan is studying the possibility of their use to control the condition of patients during transportation on ambulance carriages.

This pilot project is tested by several ambulance crews of the Fire Service Shunto Izu in the delivery of seriously ill patients to medical institutions. If the experiment was successful, other Japanese regions will be able to use the experience gained.

How it works. While the carriage with the victim is going to the hospital, doctors in the host hospital using AR-strokes connected to remote monitoring systems, the most important indicators of the patient’s condition begin to control and even monitor his facial expressions.

Thanks to glasses, the doctors of the hospital will also be able to be in constant contact with the patient’s accompanying colleagues, advise them, and will also be able to prepare everything necessary for the patient’s meeting, which will significantly improve the effectiveness of further actions to arrive at the arrival.

Source &#8212 Vuzix

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