Next year ZTE will release smart watches

The next participant in the smart watch market can be ZTE. Analysts see this prerequisites for the widespread spread of inexpensive computers.

HE Shiyou, executive vice president and head of the ZTE mobile unit, said his company is working on computerized hours, which will be released in the first quarter of 2014.

The Chinese manufacturer also intends to invest in another type «smart» Electronics — glasses like Google Glass. However, to withdraw such a product to the mass market, it will take more time, Shiya admitted.

According to the forecasts of CCS Insight analysts, the cost of gadgets that a person can wear on himself will be rapidly falling. According to the same scenario, the tablet market is now developing: at first it was represented only by expensive devices, and now in stores you can find devices cheaper than $ 100.

Smart hours, which are currently offering Samsung and Sony, are in the USA $ 299 and $ 199. There are few other similar devices, but, according to Gartner analysts, there are more than 30 models from various manufacturers in the development. Among them Apple, preparing the IWatch project.

The computerized watches are in weak demand, since they are quite bulky and cannot work for a long time without recharging. In addition, the creators of these products need to explain their advantages to consumers, according to Gartner.


  • Financial Times

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