AMCOSPOP for electric cars – lovers of all strange

Cautious and prudent drivers Nissan Leaf will never see an unpleasant yellow indicator on the dashboard, meaning transition to «Turtle mode» To preserve the residues of the battery charge. However, you can play, and there it is not far from the red indicator – Calling the tow truck in this case is inevitable.

However, how do you look at the electric car itself can transport trailers and tow other cars? Torklift Central has developed a trailer that allows Nissan Leaf to tow trailers and other cars. Clear business, officially Leaf did not think for performing such actions – The towing of heavy cargo will probably seriously affect the range.

On the other hand, the huge traction of the electric motor directly pushes to pick up a house on wheels or a small trailer to the car to the car… or additional battery set. In the near future, Torklift Central will also offer a rimop for Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt, and the plans include a trailed device for a miniature Mitsubishi I.



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