Nexus 7 = ASUS MEMO 370T minus 8-MP camera

The attempt of Google and Asus turn into a legend the story of the creation of Nexus 7 with a bang failed. Having carefully listened to the story of the executive director of ASUS Jonney Shih about the process of creating Nexus 7, which has turned into «The very real torture» Due to the exorbitant requirements of Google, as well as the history of the senior vice president on Google Mobile Solutions, Andy Rubin that the development of the tablet from the start from scratch and, to complete it at the intended time, had to work without stopping four months, experts of the resource Fudzilla.COM decided to make clarifications on some moments of the born epic.

According to, Nexus 7 is nothing more than slightly «adjusted» The option of equipped 7” ASUS MEMO 370T tablet screen based on Nvidia Tegra 3, which was discussed in January at the CES 2012 exhibition, as well as at the NVIDIA event held in the same month. ASUS representatives promised to set the price on Memo 370T within $ 250. Unlike MEMO 370T, Nexus 7 does not have 8-MP camera, although the rest of the characteristics of the two devices do not differ in anything. However, the above does not detract from the advantages of Nexus 7, which, of course, will take a worthy place in the tablet market.



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