NFC Forum published instructions for connecting Bluetooth via NFC

When we are talking about a quick wireless connection of devices, especially mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablet computers to audio dummy, desktops and laptops or automobile information and entertainment systems, then this is only a protocol, time-tested and perfectly proven. This, of course, Bluetooth. However, the conjugation of two devices for an inexperienced user may be difficult.

Therefore, the organization NFC Forum has published a technique that combines two wireless standard and allows you to connect devices via Bluetooth by simply touching each other. No need to open the menu of devices, search for available accessories, enter passwords and make a bunch of necessary, but terribly annoying actions. One touch instead of all these tricks. This method of connecting devices to each other has been practiced for a long time, but each manufacturer had previously implemented this on its own, but now it is available for all electronics manufacturers. The time, since the NFC chips are more often found today, you need to use it in full force.



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