AMD added two APU to the E-Series line

Assortment of accelerated processors from the E-Series line from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which are part of the Brazos 2 platform.0 and designed for use as part of table computer systems of category «all in one», They replenished dual-core new items E2-2000 (1.75 GHz) and E1-1500 (1.48 GHz).

Each of the APU has 1 MB of Kesh-Mamaty of the second level and is characterized by the level of TDP in 18 watts. They are equipped with integrated graphics with 80 stream processors, which is compatible with DirectX 11. At the same time, the operating frequency of the GPU is 700 MHz at the senior chip and 529 MHz at its less powerful fellow. It is worth noting that the E2-2000 model supports DDR3-1333 memory, while E1-1500 «Friends» With memory DDR3-1066.

Finally, we will inform you that both of the accelerated processor described above have already found use in products prepared by leading manufacturers for showing at the CES 2013 international exhibition in Las Vegas.


  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

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