AMD and ASUSTEK strengthen cooperation

Advanced Micro Devices and ASUSTEK Computer continue to work on strengthening cooperation. AMD supplies processors and APU to its partner at reduced prices, while ASUS promotes AMD solutions in the market. Since ASUS is one of the most famous and large suppliers of system boards, such cooperation is very profitable for AMD. According to foreign sources, the current proportion of AMD in the processors market for desktop systems is about 30%, which is a lot, but the company is trying by all means to further increase this indicator.

AMD and ASUS partnership details remain unclear;In any case, both participants in the alliance are silent about the scale of discounts and even the very fact of their presence. But the fact that ASUS cooperates with AMD was clear for a long time — Since the release of the exclusive system board of the ROG Crossblade Ranger game class, designed for processors with the FM2 connector+. Typically, such boards use LGA 1150 or, recently, LGA 2011-3, but ASUS was not afraid to cross out the tradition and make a very original move.

ASUS Radeon R9 290X MATRIX Platinum: Highest quality and reliability

ASUS Radeon R9 290X MATRIX Platinum: Highest quality and reliability

It is worth noting that such a close partnership of ASUS and Advanced Micro Devices may have additional consequences. For example, other manufacturers of system boards in order to avoid unnecessary costs of competition with ASUS may begin to cut their projects related to the AMD platform. But the most interesting question sounds like this: does AMD provide its partner with discounts not only for processors and APU, but also for graphic cards? If so, then ASUS will be able to make its Radeon models more competitive due to more attractive prices.


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