AMD and NVIDIA are preparing for the appearance of 8K format

If we talk about screen formats and permits, then the lion’s share of the attention of the press, developers and users today attracts 4K format (3840 × 2160 pixels). He has not yet won the final victory, but his popularity is constantly growing, despite the fact that so far there are no sufficiently powerful discrete graphic maps that can cope with the output of modern games in this resolution. But progress on the spot is not worth it, and manufacturers of display panels are already working on the creation of screens that can display a picture with a resolution of 7680 × 4320 pixels — That is, we are already talking about 8k. And the first samples of such displays already exist, and they are really able to hit the imagination with the quality of the picture.

Of course, before the appearance of such panels in wide sale will take a few more years, however, the leading developers of graphic processors have to think about the support of a new format now if they want to keep up with a super -high permit feast on time. According to studies conducted by the Japanese media corporation NHK, 8k can become the final format of 2D in the history of mankind, since resolution is 7680 × 4320 (and its variations) — the maximum that the human eye is capable of. Let us leave this statement on the conscience of Japanese researchers, since according to other sources, the resolution of the human eye is significantly higher and reaches 500 megapixels. It is difficult to even imagine what accelerator would be required to display such a picture. Too far from the existing level of earthly technologies.

Comparative diagram of permits

Comparative diagram of permits

But, apparently, the 8K format will really stay with us if not forever, then for a long time, and all future formats for the display of graphic information will be three -dimensional. That is why to think about creating the appropriate graphic processors that can cope with such a high resolution. Richard Huddy, one of the leading developers of the AMD graphic unit, in his interview, PCGamesn called the numbers in the region of 8,000 pixels horizontally and 6000 vertically the limit for the player with perfect vision. The trouble is that even with a resolution of 4k, no one -processor graphic system can cope yet, which means that they want to play in resolution 3840 × 2160 will have to resort to the construction of Multi-GPU class systems. One of the leading developers NVIDIA, Scott Herkelman also believes. According to him, any resolution above 4K will require the use of several GPUs in a single bunch.

NVIDIA system for games in 4K.What will be required for 8k?

NVIDIA system for games in 4K. What is required for 8k?

But we are talking only about eight megapixels, and in 8k format it will be about 33 — 48 megapixels, and at least 60 times per second. According to Richard Huddy’s estimates, this will require an additional six -fold increase in the performance of graphic cards regarding the level of performance comfortable for 4K. If you recall technologies such as NVIDIA DSR, then the power will have to be increased by at least 12 times. So far, it is obvious that the growth of the capacities of graphic accelerators, although fast, is obviously not keeping up with an increase in the resolution of display panels. According to preliminary estimates, the first 8K format monitors, available to ordinary users, will appear after three to four years, and by this time the corresponding graphic cards should be ready. So, forced development will be required and new types of memory with huge throughput, new cooling systems and other two -dimensional games in the 8K technologies format in format.


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